[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 07:06:38 BST 2021

The Tixie comes on stage, and says:

Today, in 1964, our fellow listie Elizabeth Carabine was born.  Elizabeth,
for your birthday, you are the guest of the Dendarii Mercenaries during the
command of Miles Naismith.

You will be escorted aboard the flagship, where you will meet the command
team, and be given a tour of all areas not off-limits to non-Dendarii.
Afterward, you will observe the fleet on maneuvers, and be allowed to sit
in on the post-action critique where improvements to be made are hashed

Finally, you will go to the mess deck, where a lavish feast is laid out.
The Dendarii live well when in space, and all your favorite foods are there.

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