[LMB] The Spirit Ring - Fiametta and Fawn

tidsel egern at protonmail.com
Tue Sep 14 19:05:01 BST 2021

> tidsel, do you want to start an idea rolling?
> Sylvia

I had a couple of mails about magic, but they did not really take.

I have not read up on all the  mail yet, so do not know if anyone have brought this one up:

I have had some 'trouble' with Fiametta, as I had with Fawn in the Sharing Knife series. In my head they are two female characters that do not really seem to go anywhere..
they have talents and character, but both seems to have to live under very restricted rules in their societies. Fawn has some talents that all but drown in house work, and
Fiametta can only work with a husband in the house and under the watchful eye of the church. In both these novels it felt like a bit of a let down, though the characters seem
happy enough with their lot.

How does this strike you - do you think they get their due, and also develop?

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