[LMB] The Spirit Ring Monreale

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Tue Sep 14 19:58:07 BST 2021

A knight, then a scholar and a mystic, but who remembers his fighting skills and tactics when needed. An abbot and bishop, in judgement of white versus black magic.
One of the two best magicians in Montefoglia, but more interested in the theory than in the practical. He is a warm people's person, who often make people feel safe.

His role in the story reminds me a bit of a good tempered, patient Gandalf. The other characters look to him to sort things out with his knowledge.
But he seems to be part of the official system, where Gandalf is very much in a system of his own.

He seemed agonizingly slow to act on a number of occasions, although this is of course seen through Fiametta's young and impatient eyes.

I find him a good character and like him mostly, but can't help feeling more could be done with him, if he had been the 3rd. main character.

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