[LMB] The Spirit Ring Monreale

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Tue Sep 14 22:09:17 BST 2021

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> 1.  The comment by Fiametta that none of them could have done what all of them combined could do seems to me the “aha!” moment of this book – compare Miles’ “My name is Vorkosigan” in TWA, Cazaril’s realisation of where his road started in CoC; Ivan’s “That’s just not right” in CC and so on.   But Fiametta’s comment, and Monreale’s response, points us towards the idea that what Herself was aiming at may have been  a book with, granted, two viewpoint characters, but narrative arcs  for five - Benforte and Uri as well as the other three have agency to lead the story forward.     Perhaps this was a feat better left to a future work – CC, where five viewpoint characters interact with a supporting cast – but here we see a tryout.

One of those dependencies was in the superpower of knowing where to go/where to find things.

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