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> I have had some 'trouble' with Fiametta, as I had with Fawn in the Sharing Knife series. In my head they are two female characters that do not really seem to go anywhere..
> they have talents and character, but both seems to have to live under very restricted rules in their societies. Fawn has some talents that all but drown in house work, and
> How does this strike you - do you think they get their due, and also develop?
> T

Fawn is at the very center of the revolutionary changes coming to the Wide Green World. Her gift is figuring things out, and striving to understand. She doesn’t do groundwork, but I’m sure her unique insight continues to be key to Dag’s work. Also, the medicine she makes is essential to Dag and Arkady’s work. She provides room and board to the groundworkers and healers who come to expand their horizons. And she’s happiest when she has something to do with her hands. Being able to smoothly manage a large household is a gift (I know I lack it.)

When we see her she doesn’t seem stressed and unhappy, but content. She is where she wants to be, and doing what she wants to do.

Janet in TN

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