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> > t is a VERY common misspelling (by Americans) in emails and elsewhere in the internet. I find it very annoying as well.
> My most annoying wrong word is “then” meaning “than”.
> I also dislike “tons of” and “massive” when they shouldn’t apply. And reading about space ships landing on that planet’s tarmac.
> And “begs the question”.
> Wrong words bother me more than misspellings, as I have to back track.

Things annoy me too about how other people express themselves - here I am mostly talking FB. To me it is mostly expressions that make the meaning unclear.

But when it comes to it, there is no right or wrong. As I was taught, and agree in, a language is a living thing and it will keep changing, like it or not.
No one owns it. Grammar is strictly speaking not actually rules, but a description of how a language is used - now.

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