[LMB] OT: Language changes

Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 14:43:54 BST 2021

William complained about words changing with time. It was ever so. Language
is a field in motion and it won't stay still to remain the way it was when
we first learned it. Not ever. This is why young people talk slightly
differently from old people. This is why Shakespeare sounds old-fashioned
(but in a good way, oh that we were all so eloquent), and why Chaucer is
difficult, and Anglo-Saxon is a whole other language.

In Canada, as far as I know, racism is still racism. And still with us,
more's the pity.

> If you control the language and can make words mean anything you want,
you will win every
> argument

Thing is, nobody controls the language. If anyone could, it might be more

As for fascism - I'm not convinced the meaning has changed, but this
reminds me of a word I've forgotten. In my student days, I found a word
that means "the process by which every political movement becomes the
opposite of itself".  It was a great word. I wrote it down. But that was
decades ago, and I've forgotten the word, and I've been looking for it ever

I suspect in the wide world out there, not many people read dictionaries
for fun. I suspect in this group, more of us do than in most population


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