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>Speaking in general terms only, one big reason political terms change is
>that people's politics change, and that political systems also vary from
>country to country. Your example with the word fascisim is accurate as far
>as it goes, but ignores the massive changes in the term between Mussolini
>repurposing it as one of his allusions to ancient Rome and Hitler taking
>over the word with massive worldwide consequences. I know we're both too
>young to remember, but there was a lot of documentation.
>For a different example, there's the oft-noted fact that Eisenhower would
>be drummed out of the Republican party today as a RINO, witness the 1956
>Republican platform. (Generally true but the meme misses nuances; here's an
>all around discussion.
>https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/1956-republican-platform/ )

A number of things here. First, I do not believe that Adolph Hitler and 
his cohorts ever claimed to be Fascists. That was strictly a western 
thing to apply to the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis. Next, Eisenhower was not a 
Republican. He could have run for the Presidency under either party, 
they both wanted him. But he chose the Republicans. But remember that 
the Republicans were then the liberals. This was the party of Abraham 


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