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I am not very good at this, but since nobody else is doing it ...

I believe that somebody did Chapter 3. However, in case it was missed, Chapter 3 takes place several weeks after Chapter 1 with Prospero Beneforte and daughter Fiametta going to the castle where a welcoming party for the prospective bridegroom of the Duke’s daughter is taking place (Master Beneforte took the saltcellar along). Things go wrong at the party - the Duke discovered something terrible about his future son-in-law, Lord Ferrarnte of Losimo, was careless in confronting him, and was killed by him. Ferrante’s men capture the castle, Beneforte and Fiametta flee, but Beneforte has problems running.

Fiametta helps her father to a large lake (he advised her that their home will probably be sacked by Ferrante’s men). There she buys a boat (but will the fisherman be able to sell the pearls without being caught by Ferrante’s men?), and they make their way north on the lake (Beneforte was unable to row for very long; I suspect a heart attack). They had different views on what happened in the castle, which they share. Ferrante had a spirit ring that probably was powered by the spirit of his stillborn daughter (or perhaps murdered daughter after the mother died in childbirth (probably the story the Duke was told). Beneforte was able to release the spirit, which melted the ring (and presumably burned Ferrante). They reach the end of the lake, overpay for a near useless horse, and keep going north. They are overtaken by several of Ferrante’s men; Beneforte faces them with his dagger, while Fiametta runs towards the woods. She was not able to escape, was stripped of valuables (except for her enchanted silver snake belt, which unfolded as a viper and bit the Ferrante soldier who had captured her). Perhaps that should be described as an unusual chastity belt. The soldier runs away, leaving behind the lion ring. Fiametta finds her father dead (no wounds, heart failure most likely), and stripped of clothes and valuables (including the saltcellar). She puts the body on the horse (which the soldiers had spurned) and continues north.

"We have advanced to new and surprising levels of bafflement."
Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan describes progress in _Komarr_.
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