[LMB] New Kindle software update

Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
Thu Sep 16 17:00:20 BST 2021

Well, I started the thread and I have a ninth generation Oasis and the 
back button does something COMPLETELY different, taking you one page 
back in the text. The menu back button, which I severely miss, took you 
one screen earlier in travels; i.e. the last function.


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>Does anyone know whether these changes will be in effect for the Oasis,
>which has a physical back button?
>On Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 10:54 AM Mark Goldfield <markgoldfield at hotmail.com>
>>  Thank you.  The comments include a good summary of the peoblems with the
>>  new Kindle software update.  It removes the back button, displays fewer
>>  books per page in list view, and generally makes it slower and more
>>  cumbersome to find books in one's library.  Reading is no big difference
>>  once you figure out where controls have been moved, but the loss of a
>>  general purpose back button has me looking for alternative devices for my
>>  next book reader.
>>  Mark
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>>  Recently one of you posted about a new Kindle software update that did
>>  things to the UI that the poster didn't like.
>>  I just found this article online that talks a bit about what changed (and
>>  shows screenshots), FYI, in case anyone else needs to know.
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