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Humans are a fickle beast at best and at worst the most destructive
critters on the planet. That's why any extraterrestrial civilisations, if
they exist, would be highly hesitant in making  a first contact meeting.

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> I’ll make a Bujold connection later.
> In DS9 “The Siege of AR- 556”, Quark explains to Nog that when Humans
> aren’t under stress they are nice friendly people. Under stress, they are
> more bloodthirsty than Klingons.
> Niven said the same thing about Humans and the Kzin even having a man who,
> after his family was killed, training to be able to fight Kzin bare handed.
> Then there was Miles speech in Borders of Infinity how the Vor who wanted
> death in battle, got it and the ones who were left, just would not quit.
> TVT calls them determinators and Miles is a prime example.
> There’s a story I read, I thought it was a Hugo winner but I haven’t been
> able find it. It starts out with an alien reading “Three Billy Goats Gruff”
> and wondering why the children liked it so much since it was an elementary
> tactical exercise. Later he sees a preschool teacher with a class full of
> conquered aliens. The teacher is very kind and supportive and he can’t
> understand how the same species can act that way and also mow down the
> enemy by the hundreds in an ambush.
> The Lakewalkers all seem to be determinators.
> I think Thur and Fiamentta also qualify.
> All part of being human.
> William A Wenrich
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