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 What an inspiring and moving story. Congratulations to you and to Arthur.
Karen A. Wyle
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When he was about 3 1/2, a young autist started at the pre-school/daycare. Arthur dragged/drafted him into his play stories. He was also getting early coping-skill therapy. Gradually the young boy became more open to imaginary play, and a bit more outgoing. As he was leaving the place for pre-K, his mother thanked me for helping her son. I told her to thank Arthur, because that was all his doing, and not necessarily consciously. He just wanted a playmate.

These days we can easily spot the neurodiverse and adapt to their communication/social interaction  style or level. It’s not a problem to be solved, but courtesy and an acknowledgment of the person.

As a member of the Religious Education staff at a local UU fellowship, he sees all sorts of younger kids. Sometimes there’s discussion with the parents of challenges or concerns, but he’s comfortable with the differences of needs. Parents, staff, and students love him.

A. Marina Fournier


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