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> Two examples are racism and Fascism. Racism used to mean discrimination based on race. Now it has to do with (to me) I’ll defined power structures and there’s no word to describe racially based discrimination.

I have not actually seen it used as such..?

> Fascism was coined in Italy from an Italian word meaning “a bundle of sticks”. It wasn’t right wing unless compared to Communism. Both Fascism and Communism are collectivist totalitarian systems. The state or the workers as a whole are important not individuals.

Facism has always been right wing in itself, and was coined by or invented in connection with Mussolini. There are (scholarly) discussiosn about the exact definition, but they all involve a one party system, no democratic rights, and a strong alliance with Church and Capital.

> Now the dictionary defines Fascism as right wing and conservatives and libertarians are called fascists.

They can be.

The terms 'facist' and 'nazi' are thrown around like anything, but there are actually a few times when they are used in accordance with their original definition.

> If you control the language and can make words mean anything you want, you will win every argument and never be caught in a lie.

I get your frustration, but I myself do not think it is quite that easy, fortunately.

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