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Markus Baur baur at chello.at
Sat Sep 18 15:27:26 BST 2021

Am 18.09.2021 um 16:04 schrieb Elizabeth Holden:
> Markus said:
>> the meaning in public usage has changed ... as has, for example the
> menaing of the term nazi - > the use of both terms have
>> been broadend to the point of them becoming menaigless
> So you have said, and repeated, but I see no reflection of this in real
> life. Nazi means what it always did.

you see it a lot in us media - especially in the form of comparisons 
"like the nazis" - especially without explaining WHY and WHAT - just the 
comparison alone is usually used as sufficient damnation.

i will search if i can find the article again where that comparison was 
used (twice, if memory serves) in regards to the texan abortion law 
(which, for the record, i think is very bad on a ethical, legal, 
political and practical base - and its plain stupid .. but to compare 
that illbegotten law to things the nazis did does "water down" their 

i am seeing that even here in austria and germany .. where people get 
the definition and politics of real nazism drilled into their head from 
the fourth grade onwards and where the use of such comparison in public 
without a VERY good reason usually gets dumped on within minutes 
(becasue down-watering the nazis is very frowned upon !"over here"

  It may be different where you are, but
> the meanings of words like Nazi, socialism, fascism, racism, etc., are
> still perfectly clear iand unchanged n the vernacular I hear around me.

may i ask where you live? and in which social circles you generally operate?

> Only where I live, "socialism" isn't a bad thing at all. Just a thing.

i have lost count on how many things i had to explain to people online 
(mostly, but not all, coming from the continent of northern america) 
that not all things containing the word root social are equal

social market economy |= social democracy |= socialized health system |= 
socialism |= communism |= marxism-leninism |= marxism-stalinism (and i 
am not going into the OTHEr heretic subsects of that)



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