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I call foul! This has nothing to do with Terry Pratchett, and the subject, under discussion under a different title, has a pizza call on it.
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On Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 at 15:21, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:

> Racism used to mean discrimination based on race. Now it has to do with (to me) I’ll defined power structures and there’s no word to describe racially based discrimination. In fact, some pundits call racially based discrimination against some groups anti racism.

Since I continue to see racism used to mean what it always meant, I'd like to see some examples.

I presume, in your last comment, you're refering to those white supremacists who claim that affirmative action and the like discriminates against white people, and is therefore ipso facto racist.
> Fascism was coined in Italy from an Italian word meaning “a bundle of sticks”. It wasn’t right wing unless compared to Communism. Both Fascism and Communism are collectivist totalitarian systems. The state or the workers as a whole are important not individuals.

Communism, by its founders' definition, is centralised state control in partnership with the workers.  Fascism, as defined by its founder Mussolini (who used a Latin word, not an Italian - an important distinction since he was trying to invoke past glories,) is centralised state control in partnership with big business.  Clearly, this puts them at opposite ends of the left-right scale, even though they are on the same end of the dictatorial-democratic scale.

It's easy to get confused if you try to fit all political positions on one dimension, which is why almost everyone who wants clarity (rather than intentionally seeking to confuse) uses at least two axes.
> Now the dictionary defines Fascism as right wing and conservatives and libertarians are called fascists.

Because that is what the word originally meant.

> If you control the language and can make words mean anything you want, you will win every argument and never be caught in a lie.

Who is this who controls the language?  The Illuminati?  The "metropolitan elite"?  The fact that it changes, and sometimes in ways you don't like, is not evidence of a conspiracy.

Peter Hews

Oh better far to live and die under the brave black flag I fly,
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