[LMB] OT: People Changing Political Words

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Sat Sep 18 17:27:23 BST 2021

On 18/09/2021 16:30, Eric Oppen wrote:
> In a lot of ways, what we might call "classical socialism" never recovered
> from the shock of 1914.  After years and years of them preaching the
> solidarity of workers against the "oppressors," they just couldn't process
> the sight of the workers they so idealized marching off happily to war
> behind their "bourgeois" officers, instead of shooting their officers and
> embracing their "comrades" on the other side.
That is a fair assessment.
> And if you look into it, you find that the Italian and German regimes did
> do a lot of "socialistic" stuff.
And that is not. They did a lot of authoritarian stuff, not socialistic 
>   Some of you keep calling Hitler a
> right-winger, but he had NO patience for hangovers from the past
Hitler called himself a right-winger, in opposition to Germany's 
socialist and communist movements.
> ---he
> pretty much ended even the nominal independence of a lot of the states that
> made up the Reich, like Bavaria.

I don't know why you bring that up as an example of his being a socialist?

It's a pure authoritarian move, and has nothing to do with socialism.

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