[LMB] Miles' teenage semester schooling on Beta Colony

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Sat Sep 18 22:20:10 BST 2021

Hi guys, 
I've been busy,  Covid sh^t, no interest to anyone else. 
When hauling eldest daughter from Texas to New Yorkwe compromised on audiobook series -- Princess Diaries.
So since, I've been struck with the notion that Mia (age15) attended the sort of school for wealthy, gifted,guarded, carefully curated students that the offspringof diplomats, war heroes, dual-national ...  
ANYHOW,  suppose Mia was attending a school on Beta Colonyinstead of New York City. Suppose she was journaling her observations of one Russian-accented, always chillysweater wearing (tucked into his school sarong?) MilesVorkosigan (in place of Boris Pelkowski.) 
I invite all here to offer a very short, fic-ish, accountof what Mia sees of Miles interacting with Lily, Tina, Mr Gianini...
I'm imagining a conversation where Lars (Mia's bodyguard)is discussing why he's not so happy to "share the load"with Miles's Sergeant Bothari:  "I walk into every room wondering if I'll be required to be violent.  HE walks into every room wondering if he'll be ALLOWEDto become violent..."  
Suppose the girl that provoked Miles' suicideattempt on Beta was Lana Weinberger? 
I wonder about what Grandmère the Dowager Queen
might try to intimidate Barrayarans familiar withCount Piotr.
Not to restrict the conversation to Meg Cabot fans.
Any other thoughts about Miles's time amongBetan teens and in school while living with GrannyNaismith? Polishing his Beta Colony accent? Meetinghis first herm? Getting advanced medical care unavailable on Barrayar? 
Why yes, I am attempting to divert the current conversations.  Is that wrong? 

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