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> > Two examples are racism and Fascism. Racism used to mean discrimination
> based on race. Now it has to do with (to me) I’ll defined power structures
> and there’s no word to describe racially based discrimination.
> I have not actually seen it used as such..?
> Two of the examples I've seen:  Two generations ago, there was a
gentlemen's agreement that only white people could buy homes in certain
areas. Not surprisingly, white neighborhoods increased in value, black
neighborhoods decreased.
Today, thanks to the institutionalized racism & power structure of the
past, people who are not racist at all still benefit from the home
ownership that's been in the family since before they were born. They
didn't do anything - and no one did anything to the people born in
lower-value neighborhoods - but the imbalance is there.

People are "grandfathered" into Harvard and other places of learning &
high-class business. Some grandfathers were banned from Harvard & such by
reason of race. "No Jews or N*rs need apply" is something my grandfather
had to deal with.

So when people say "I did it on my own" and "they can bootstrap their way
up just like me", as if the power structures had never been slanted,
they're not being racist. Sort of.
Sorry this got a bit tangled. I hope my general meaning was clear.

> I get your frustration, but I myself do not think it is quite that easy,
> fortunately.
> T


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