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>>> Two examples are racism and Fascism. Racism used to mean discrimination
>> based on race. Now it has to do with (to me) I’ll defined power structures
>> and there’s no word to describe racially based discrimination.
>> I have not actually seen it used as such..?
>> Two of the examples I've seen:  Two generations ago, there was a
> gentlemen's agreement that only white people could buy homes in certain
> areas. Not surprisingly, white neighborhoods increased in value, black
> neighborhoods decreased.

Funny you should use that phrase.

"A gentleman's agreement" was a book by Hobson in the late 40s (after 
WW2), about a journalist who pretended for a year to be Jewish, and 
found himself frozen out of housing, hotels, jobs and other 

It was made into a movie with Gregory Peck (a big star) in 1947, and won 
three Oscars. (https://imdb.com/title/tt0039416/)

It made excluding Jews uncool, but the practice continued against black 
people and Asians (my martial arts teacher, a second generation American 
once mentioned how furious he was when he was about 14 and his family's 
rental agreement, arranged by letter, was suddenly invalidated when they 
showed up - this must have been sometime in the sixties).

There was a more recent movie, The Banker 
(https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6285944/) which shows how it worked 
against the black people.

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