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Sun Sep 19 09:28:06 BST 2021

On 19/09/2021 06:39, Matthew George wrote:
> And of course there's the opportunity cost for choosing one thing over
> another.  Marie Curie was determined to become a physicist, even though
> that wasn't truly possible in her native Poland.  So she moved to a new
> country, met a man willing to permit her to develop, and became one of the
> great physicists.

You are mangling the timeline there. She graduated physics in Paris 
before she married Pierre Curie, supported by her sister and 
scholarships and her own tutoring work, it's not like she depended 
solely on her husband to "let her develop". In fact, she met Pierre when 
she was looking for a bigger laboratory space - she was already a 
researcher in her own right.

And she was not only a great physicist, her Nobel prizes were for 
Physics AND Chemistry.

> It ultimately killed her.

Well, playing with radioactive substances did, true. That's not because 
she chose physics, it's just that nobody realized at the time they were 

That is obvious only in hindsight.

>   And even if her husband Pierre hadn't died in an
> accident, I suspect she would have had no children, even if she decided she
> wanted them.  All that work with toxic, radioactive substances... But, she
> made her choices.
Wow, of all the ignorant....

Have you never heard of  Irene Joliot - Curie? 

Daughter of Marie Curie and Pierre Curie, a winner of the Nobel prize in 
her own right (and one of the very few examples of children on Nobel 
prize winners winning the Nobel prize).

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