[LMB] OT: Women and education

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Mayan numerals was a vigesimal (base 20) with a zero (turtle shell upside
down) a dot • and a bar ➖.
 Mathematically speaking, based on the Dresden codex (circa 11th or 12
century) the Mayans were a lot more advanced then the Europeans in
astronomy at that time.

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> On 19/09/2021 04:45, Matthew George wrote:
> > I also recall reading that.  Although IIRC, boys and girls received very
> > different kinds of education, and neither received knowledge that we take
> > for granted - the Aztec number system was reserved to the priesthood and
> > was base 60 -
> No, it was the Babylonians that had a base 60 numbers system, Aztecs was
> based 20, like the Japanese before they took base 10 from the Chinese.
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