[LMB] Quark was right

Raymond Collins rcrcoll6 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 11:01:43 BST 2021

I agree. If there are any highly technical advanced civilisations out there
that can reach Earth. The best way to deal with us Hu-manns would be by
Dealing with humans would be a pain in whatever orifice Aliens would deem
an ass.

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> > Humans are a fickle beast at best and at worst the most destructive
> >
> > critters on the planet. That's why any extraterrestrial civilisations, if
> >
> > they exist, would be highly hesitant in making a first contact meeting.
> >
> It has often been suggested that the solution to the Fermi Paradox is that
> aliens are out there, but they've quarantined the Solar System.
> Peter Hews
> Oh better far to live and die under the brave black flag I fly,
> Than play a sanctimonious part with a pirate head and a pirate heart.
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