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Prior to the 18th century, AIUI, split infinitives in English were nothing
anybody paid any attention to.

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> As I understand it, split infinitives were outlawed because you can’t do
> it Latin.
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> > The person who told me  about grammar being a way to describe the
> > language, rather than 'correct' language, was a language professor btw,
> so
> > I sincerely hope he knew what he was
> > talking about.
> >
> People who study - well, anything, really - expend a lot of effort training
> themselves to see what is there and describe it accurately.  When language
> and culture are involved, people try even harder, especially given
> awareness of how past disdain for 'foreignness' damaged both societies and
> scientific understanding.  Sometimes features of high-status languages were
> imposed inappropriately on other tongues, or some languages or cultures
> were considered superior out of familiarity and prejudice.  So there are
> good reasons for them to back away from value judgments.
> Which often takes them so far away from the perspective of actually *using*
> a language that they lose sight of why prescriptivism is necessary.
> Standards are frequently obnoxious, but they're essential for
> communication.  Imagine the results if people spelled words however they
> felt like, and so we collectively lost the ability to distinguish
> homophones; imagine if some people began using negative concord while
> others didn't, and the intended meaning of a statement became impossible to
> parse.  Correctness is a matter of definition rather than recognizing
> objective truths, and so it can and generally will change, but not freely.
> Matt G.
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