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>Quite possibly that was part of the reason. But you must realize that
>creative work can be addictive, too.
>Writing, painting, composing, even programming. For some people they are
>the daily grind that they have to do to earn money to survive so they
>can do other stuff. For other people it is just something they need to
>do, and they would do it even if nobody paid them a penny.

And of course, you can toggle between those states, depending on

I hate doing dull stuff. But then, sometimes, in the middle of it, I can
lock onto an interesting problem - and then my ADD superpower of
hyperfocus can switch on, and I can bash away at it and ignore all
distractions, to the point where I can "come to" and realise I'm badly
Software and cathedrals are much the same –
first we build them, then we pray. - Sam Redwine

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