[LMB] LISTBIZ: Any listees near Melbourne?

Raymond Collins rcrcoll6 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 08:09:14 BST 2021

I was driving to school in Santa Cruz when the Loma Prieta earthquake
happened. I thought my tires had wobbled off.then I saw the dust coming off
t he bridge before me. Fascinating times.

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> I know it was a 5.9, and the damage was deemed minor.
> Hope any of you in the area were no more than inconvenienced! You can
> blame Miss Fisher & Dr Blake mysteries for my bits of geographical
> knowledge around Melbourne. I tend to see where places are on a map.
> When the Whittier Narrows quake hit in 1987, also a 5.9, I was on the
> freeway (210, headed west) late to work. The car skidded over (rain
> diverting) grooves in the lane—with new tires. I was annoyed with that
> until I looked up to see overhead freeway signs moving in the non-existent
> wind, and to my right, puffs of dirt rising at the base of the mountains a
> few miles north. On the other side of them is the West Fork of the San
> Andreas, but that’s not what popped.
> I stopped thinking about my tires.
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