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On Sep 23, 2021, at 12:09 AM, Raymond Collins <rcrcoll6 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was driving to school in Santa Cruz when the Loma Prieta earthquake
> happened. I thought my tires had wobbled off.then I saw the dust coming off
> t he bridge before me. Fascinating times.
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>> I know it was a 5.9, and the damage was deemed minor.
>> Hope any of you in the area were no more than inconvenienced! You can
>> blame Miss Fisher & Dr Blake mysteries for my bits of geographical
>> knowledge around Melbourne. I tend to see where places are on a map.
>> When the Whittier Narrows quake hit in 1987, also a 5.9,

That day, I was home, in Soquel, in a reverse-floorplan house which had been featured in a divorce case when it was under construction. My uphill neighbor, building his house, feaming the second level,  had just barely set foot on the ground when it struck. Good timing!

We had a new phone exchange, so it was the 19th before we had a dial tone. It was quite the night! I put down padding in the middle-story hallway (the basement was below) hoping to sleep, but the stronger aftershocks kept that from happening. Once Mithril found me, she stuck to me like glue.

For those not familiar with that Fun Ride, it was a 6.9, down from an initial 7.1. Start time was 5:04pm PDT 17th October 1989. I’ve lived in CA most of my life, and it was the largest one I’ve experienced.

Kurt, working in Cupertino for Apple—he started in early August— was on the North American plate, and I was on the Pacific plate. As I was going over Hwy 17 one day, I realized I was crossing a plate boundary, and that in the event of a major quake, we would likely be on separate plates, which is what happened.

He tried coming over Hwys 9, 152, and 1, thinking 17 would be closed, but after a night sleeping in his car in the parking lot at work, 17 was the only one open. What he experienced in Cupertino and what I experienced in Soquel were not at all the same, as the substrate on the plates were different. I think we were relatively equidistant to the plate boundary between us.

You did know I’m a tectonics geek, right? 

While Iceland might be a possible place I’d settle, nearby subduction zones (Pacific Northwest of the US/British Columbia in Canada, any coastal area of Alaska) are right out. The volcanoes are just icing on my aversion.

I visited the US Geological Society (USGS) the day before, to see where the local faults were. 

On clearer days now, I face NE from my bedroom window, and see separate mountain ranges with the Hayward fault running between them. In the East (SF) Bay, quite a lot of infrastructure, vital businesses, and schools are directly on the fault. Not much farther east are the Calaveras faults, which separated from the San Andreas somewhere near Hollister.

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