[LMB] OT: Sources

Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 13:55:41 BST 2021

Tidsel (agreeing with William) said:

> Source criticism is an essential concept that people generally have not
been introduced to,
> unfortunately. It is very much needed, these days.
> Yes, you can get lost in interesting stuff on the net :-))

I love learning new things. I have made a game with myself to learn a new
thing every day. Sometimes it's trivia and sometimes it's a bigger thing
that is really interesting. Over the last week that includes the
archaeological finding of the tomb at Amphipolis, and the epic Georgian
poem "The Knight of the Tiger Skin" - a 12th century work i hadn't even
known about. The world is full of wonders.

Sadly, when I delve into mathematical information, it's always too
technical, too fast, or at least beginning with language I might have
learned in school but have long since forgotten. Any suggestions on how I
can at least refresh my high school math?


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