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If it's not affordable for environmental reasons, it probably won't be as a meal alternative at the grocery store. People doing things because of their values are likely to pay higher prices for products that support those values than the person just thinking of their food budget. Or, that's been my experience as a long-time member of a food co-op in the sort of neighborhood where you see all these signs about how inclusive they are. Meaning their values are extremely important to them. And they went out of their way to buy ecologically correct products at higher prices.
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I glanced at this article, though I didn't read it thoroughly or completely. I noticed that it seemed at least partly concerned with the idea of replacing meat entirely for environmental reasons, rather than offering an affordable option at the grocery store. Did it demonstrate that the latter is and will remain impractical?
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Title: “Lab-grown meat is supposed to be inevitable. The science tells a different story.”

Humbird likened the process of researching the report to encountering an impenetrable “Wall of No”—his term for the barriers in thermodynamics, cell metabolism, bioreactor design, ingredient costs, facility construction, and other factors that will need to be overcome before cultivated protein can be produced cheaply enough to displace traditional meat.

“And it’s a fractal no,” he told me. “You see the big no, but every big no is made up of a hundred little nos.”

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