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> > So, be the best person you can be, and don't use other people's "human
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> > nature" as an excuse.
> There are some scientific ideas of what is human nature as in '6 things we all do' https://www.newscientist.com/round-up/human-nature/
Irritating clickbait piece which can be summed up, without the clip art photos, as saying that humans do things - eating, mating, communicating, social organising - much more elaborately and with more intentional complication than any other species.  Which tells us nothing about "human nature."

> But I agree that generally it is used as an excuse to do what you want, or do nothing.
> Same with 'it is the way of the world'.

Yes, both are lazy conservatives' shorthand for "Nothing can be done, life's like that, live with it."

> No, it is the way we make the world.

True.  There is no obsolete and extinct custom or way of life which wasn't, in its day, considered the natural order of things that couldn't ever possibly change.
> To be true, we are group animals and influence each other, but we are also individuals and can think for ourselves. If we choose.

It is difficult.  Many studies have shown how easily we can be influenced by a perception of what the majority thinks and feels.  Most of the power of the media - old style and modern noline - is in creating an illusion of concensus that draws people along with it.

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