[LMB] OT: Gender Roles

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Sun Sep 26 08:11:40 BST 2021

Am 26.09.2021 um 03:26 schrieb B Van Look:
> On Sat, Sep 25, 2021 at 12:46 PM Matija Grabnar via Lois-Bujold <
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>> But then you show you are a slave of your preconceptions again. If more
>> man or women flock to a profession you think is appropriate for that
>> particular sex, you call it proof that you were right, and if the ratio
> Interestingly, in Arabic-dominated nations, mathematics is considered a
> "woman's job"--and the highest test scores and (when allowed to work)
> mathematicians and staticians ... are women.
> In Christian-dominated nations, mathematics is considered a "man's
> job"--and female students' scores are low.
> Culture--and its symbiont religion--have much more influence than people
> embedded in those cultures want to think.

can you give a link to a study or book with that data ? i would like to 
hit some people over the head with it ..


> BJ

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