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Sun Sep 26 12:48:07 BST 2021

> On Sep 25, 2021, at 11:01 PM, Pat Mathews <MATHEWS55 at msn.com> wrote:
> A lot of land used for animals isn't fit for agriculture. The Dust Bowl proved that. Twice. Some of the High Plains grasslands would be ruined if put under the plow.
> The problem is, people tend to think an acre is an acre, whether in Wyoming or Nevada, and as a former Southwesterner, I’m here to tell you that just..ain't...so.

And a lot of land is used for crops, using water from aquifers that is not replenished and the water tables are dropping,
driving farmers to depression and bankruptcy in America and India and many other places.

Years ago I read of water tables dropping in India was causing some farmers to suicide because they could not afford
the electricity required for the pumps to water their crops because of dropping water tables.

As the historical Buddha said, “Hatred does not stop by hatred at any time; hatred stops only by love. this is an ancient rule.“ about 2770 BP (BP means either Before Present or Before Physics that is before nuclear testing made it necessary to adjust carbon 14 dating.

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