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Sylvia observes that:-

 >Beaver dams are always worth the click.

And we have feral/rewilded beavers in
Britain again, some 450 years after their local extinction in Tudor times. I saw a lot of evidence of their presence on the River Otter in Devon a few weeks ago, but no actual beavers (nor otters either, though both are present in substantial numbers).

James - who supports the reintroduction
of the lynx, too, and wolves if a modus
vivendi can be found for wolves and sheep farming - we have far too many wild and feral non-native deer (used to have wallabies, too, but they do seem to have died out on their own without lupine help)
I have seen evidence of Beavers in the Bosque in Albuquerque but no actual beavers. I have pictures of two porcupines I took in the Bosque while I was there on school trips with Hazel and Anna. About 55 years ago I was present when a badger was killed. It was attacking our dogs. Last week a mountain lion was spotted in Lynnwood park about a 1/3 of a mile from our house. Coyotes have been seen in the playground at Elanor's school. Every couple of years, we get bears coming down from the mountains and some get miles into the city.
Lots of wild animals around.

William A Wenrich
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