[LMB] Beavers (WAS OT:- Gender Roles)

Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Sun Sep 26 19:56:21 BST 2021

On Sun, 26 Sep 2021 12:30:10 +0100, "James M. BRYANT G4CLF"
<james at jbryant.eu> wrote:

>Sylvia observes that:-
> >Beaver dams are always worth the click.
>And we have feral/rewilded beavers in
>Britain again, some 450 years after their
>local extinction in Tudor times. I saw a
>lot of evidence of their presence on the
>River Otter in Devon a few weeks ago, but
>no actual beavers (nor otters either,
>though both are present in substantial
>James - who supports the reintroduction
>of the lynx, too, and wolves if a modus
>vivendi can be found for wolves and sheep
>farming - we have far too many wild and
>feral non-native deer (used to have
>wallabies, too, but they do seem to have
>died out on their own without lupine help)

Sad if they've died out - they were never present in significant enough
numbers to be a serious problem.  I last saw one in the late 90s, at The
Roaches in Staffordshire.
To talk about "the effects of technology" as if it is a single unitary thing is vague at best,
 and at worst is an approach that I have very often seen lead to Extreme Wooly Thinking,
 as so many different concepts and circumstances get lumped in together and jumbled
up in a big Conceptual Blender Of Meaninglessness that the end result winds up sounding like
Winnie The Pooh channelling James Joyce.                - Teal

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