[LMB] OT: human nature - Language changes

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>True.  There is no obsolete and extinct custom or way of life which wasn't, in its day, considered the natural order of things that couldn't ever possibly change.

Four Stages of Acceptance:
1. This is worthless nonsense.
2. This is an interesting, but perverse, point of view.
3. This is true, but quite unimportant.
4. I always said so.  - J.B.S. Haldane
To talk about "the effects of technology" as if it is a single unitary thing is vague at best,
 and at worst is an approach that I have very often seen lead to Extreme Wooly Thinking,
 as so many different concepts and circumstances get lumped in together and jumbled
up in a big Conceptual Blender Of Meaninglessness that the end result winds up sounding like
Winnie The Pooh channelling James Joyce.                - Teal

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