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It's tough to predict the future of technology. I doubt anyone could have
predicted the smartphone 40 years ago or 128gig storage in one.

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> > "The energy produced by the breaking down of the atom is a very poor
> > kind of thing. Anyone who expects a source of power from transformation
> > of these atoms is talking moonshine. … We hope in the next few years to
> > get some idea of what these atoms are, how they are made, and the way
> > they are worked.”
> He did no such thing; atoms were splitting long before he was born.
> Someone remarked he was always riding the wave (of physics research).
> He quipped, “I made the wave. didn’t I?”, and he did.
> His most famous experiment showed that atoms were mostly empty space,
> (Later this would result in a better picture.)  That the electrons in
> orbit around
> the nucleus should have by classical physics should have resulted in the
> collapse
> of the atom by the electrons radiating their energy as radiation. Only
> quantum
> mechanics saved the day.
> This shows the importance of being Earnest.<sick!>
> There were giants on the Earth in those days. And laboring perhaps in
> obscurity, may
> be not to be recognized for years or even years after their death. Like
> the Impressionists
> in the visual arts not to be recognized for 30 years or Rembrandt who
> could have painted
> conventionally and regain his fame an reputation but could not betray his
> new vision.
> These and many others throughout history intensify my love of humanity.
>  Blessed are the cheesemakers, for they lead the whey.—Allan Richardson
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