[LMB] Sorry, Cordelia! Here, have a real steak.

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Mon Sep 27 12:33:14 BST 2021

Lois Herself wrote:-

 > Plunkins.? Which contain protein/the compete list of necessary
 > amino acids, all the critical vitamins including C, and for a bonus,
 > fiber. Perfect food bars. And bioengineered, with the WGW
 > magic-science way back when before the fall of that civilization.

 > Complete-protein plants would do the job, if they could be made
 > palatable and not boring.

Jason Long wrote:-

 > The real problem appears to be that meat cells require pharma-grade
 > precursors and technology to produce and the processes are vastly
 > different and more complex than making vaccines.

There are a lot of medical/biological procedures which were originally
done as expensive and complex in-patient/in-laboratory operations and
are now safely and cheaply done in the surgery or even in the home.

Lois's plunkins probably cost a helluva lot to develop but now need
merely to be planted (and have their ground tweaked) and then grow.
If the civilization had not fallen what's the odds that a range of
tastier plunkins, with many textures, might have been developed?

Once you know something can be done, doing it cheaper and better is
usually a matter of time (and demand - people will go to a lot of
trouble to produce something that everyone needs, less so if only
a few people will ever be interested).

James - who does not insist on "meat" from an animal, but does demand
the best possible flavour, texture, nourishment and price.

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