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> And however unfairly and inequitably nature has distributed height and massin extraordinarily close correlation with "Y" chromosomes.

Only on average, and only slightly.  As with so many things, people take a small statistical difference and blow it up into an absolute.

A quick look at the figures will tell you that the strongest woman is way stronger than the average man, the weakest man far weaker than the average woman,and most of the scale overlaps.  The musclemen and and the weak little women are not norms but statistical outliers.

It's the same with other secondary sexual characteristics.  European women, on average and absent haircuts, have slightly longer hair than men, so the little man-woman icons include long hair on the female, and I'm old enough to remember when conservatives got hysterical at men growing their hair.  Men on average have denser body hair, so women feel required to shave their legs or look "unfeminine".  It's all about taking an average and making it the law.

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