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> > If you're going to write a series in which rigid gender roles are
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> > abandoned, you're going to have examples of men taking up strictly 'female'
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> > roles sooner or later.
> Much of the time when men take on “female” roles, there is an excuse that they are doing so in a manly way. Cooking is an example of this.

Men became cooks when high-end cookery was elevated to an art form and paid accordingly.  Men became tailors when dressmaking became complex and highly paid.  When a low status job becomes high status, men move into it.  (And the converse - if men move into a job, the wages and status go up.)

When teaching was a relatively classy profession serving the rich, teachers were men.  When it became the chore of teaching the masses their ABC, the job was handed to women.

More recently, computer programming began as women's work, an outgrowth of women as adding machine operators, because like the adding machines it was fiddly and boring and underpaid.  When it became important, creative, and paid accordingly, the women were elbowed out.

I recall an anthropologist saying that over the world and across time, there is no job that hasn't been "men's work" somewhere and "women's work" somewhere/when else.  The only constant is that "men's work" is always more highly valued than "women's work."

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