[LMB] News for my Duolingo friends

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Tue Sep 28 18:39:51 BST 2021

On 28/09/2021 16:16, J Woodruff wrote:
> Ice shards: streak freezes.
> The notes are only available on desktop unless you're doing a flagship
> language like French, German, Italian, Spanish, and one or two more I can't
> remember.

My streak is somewhere north of 1200 days, though I did use the streak 
freeze a few times.

I use Duolingo on an android tablet, and I only saw notes with a few 
lessons. I'm close to the end of the German course, but because I want 
the practice, I do one new lesson per day, one "heal a broken lesson" 
per day, and one legendary level per day. The legendary levels burn the 
100 "jewels" a go, of which I have plenty, because I was collecting them 
back when they were given out more liberally.

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