[LMB] News for my Duolingo Friends

Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 20:01:00 BST 2021

J Woodruff said:

> Ice shards: streak freezes.

Huh, I thought it was a new kind of gem,just for decor.  I have been using
streak freezes since the beginning - which is to say I know the option is
there, and i keep it primed, but I don't use it. Or haven't used it in a
very long time.

> The notes are only available on desktop unless you're doing a flagship
> language like French, German, Italian, Spanish, and one or two more I
> remember.

I am using a desktop a good part of the time. I still don't know where the
notes are found.

> Whether any given course uses American or British English (or something
> else) by default is set by the developers of that course

Esperanto uses mostly American terminology and spelling. Though is some
cases I am coming up against expressions or usages in English that I am
unfamiliar with. I assume these are Americanisms. It sometimes results in
something being marked "wrong" because the answer isn't quote phrased in
the way I would phrase it.

> I can't get the Scottish
> Gaelic course to accept "going to the hospital" rather than "going
> to hospital"....)

That should be a no-brainer. The answer we get from the Esperanto producers
is that it's all done by volunteers, and they don't always anticipate all
the possibilities. and that Duplingo is  not keeping up with these things,
or trying to.


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