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If the demand for a product is great enough, someone will always find a way
to cut production cost.  Computers being the best example.

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> > [1] Thread article said $18, some news releases I found said $30. And
> > that's production cost, not retail price.  The article also said Future
> > Meat didn’t see any easy ways of getting it cheaper.
> At that price especially with normal markups you won’t see it at your
> local Piggly Wiggly,
> and that’s especially high for plant protein. Roughly the price of an item
> tends to correlate
> to the energy (and hence carbon footprint) to price.
> This appears to be a dead end, similar to the kitchen chemistry version of
> fusion which does
> work, but no one is basing plans for practical fusion on it..
> Just raise ruminants on meadow cover which doesn’t add carbon to the
> biosphere, unlike
> modern agriculture which depends on fertilizer made from natural gas which
> does.
> See also “grass farming”  Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm
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