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> More recently, computer programming began as women's work, an outgrowth of
> women as adding machine operators, because like the adding machines it was
> fiddly and boring and underpaid.

It has been repeatedly shown that women do better than men at repetitive
tasks involving manual dexterity.  It's almost as though women were faced
with such tasks as survival-level requirements for thousands of generations
or something.  It's also part of why girls outperform boys in modern school
environments - boys tend to become restless when they're expected to sit at
a desk all day.  Girls also do better at arithmetic until the latter stages
of high school, but they tend not to be interested in mathematics.

A major issue isn't whether a group has more or less capability in a field
than whether they tend to have interest in it.  That interest can be
influenced by culture, but a significant component of the choice is
correlated with sex.

> The only constant is that "men's work" is always more highly valued than
> "women's work."

It's notable that, to my knowledge, this is indeed true of ALL human
societies.  Why do you think that is?

Matt G.

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