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In the British military, Doctors (and Artillery Commanders, among others) were independent contractors who were hired for a specific campaign (or voyage). As such, they could demand (require) officers' rank to have a measure of command authority; additionally, since doctors were usually form the (minor) aristocracy, they (almost) automatically were due officer rank as a 'social'/Political niceity.
Dunno about other nations (this is circa 1600).

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 On 29/09/2021 13:07, Greg Hennessy wrote:
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>> I never did understand why doctors and nurses were given Army officer
>> ranks.
> Because Space Force hadn't been invented yet. :)
My guess would be pay-grades. If you train someone to be a medical 
professional, you can't pay them private's rates - otherwise you're just 
setting them up to leave the moment their renewal comes up.
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