[LMB] OT: Gender Roles , figures

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Thu Sep 30 03:32:38 BST 2021

Matija Grabnar suggests:

 >And your comparing the percentiles does nothing to address
 >the point made earlier that there is a significant overlap
 >in heights of the two populations.

I object to the structure of the argument.

Suppose I argue that there is no significant difference
in "climate" between day and night.  You provide a
record showing times of sunrise, sunset, time of high
temperature and time of low temperature,  every day
for the past year.  SON-of-a-GUN, day after day, the
daytime high temps are higher than the overnight low

Then I come back and point out that over the full
year, the "distributions have significant overlap"
and there are some few nights in summer that are
warmer than some days in winter.

Anybody buy my analysis?  What makes the climate example
different from the gender example?

Sylvia proposes:

 >If you say "Here's a 5"5' person, based on statistics
 >will they be male or female?"  you may as well flip a
 >coin as look at statistics.

Well, Bayesian... Naah. Let's not.

The chart I've already provided shows 89 percent of men
are 5'5" or taller. Only 26 percent of women are that tall,
or taller.   If we sample 1000 people (healthy adults)
from the US population there will be about ten people in
each cohort/percentile.

Sylvia is suggesting that selecting out all members of the
1000 by size (5'5") will result in equal numbers of men
and women.

Anybody buy THAT analysis?

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