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You are missing what I was trying to say. Probably, I didn’t express myself clearly.
I looked up the distribution curves for men and women. My figures are approximate bu CEFGW. The height you mentioned, 65”, is not near the 5% mark for either men or women. About 20% of men are 65” or less and more than half of the women. The 5% mark for men is about 62” which is about the 40% mark for women. Therefore, if you were to select for people less than 62” many women would qualify but few men.
Car makers would be Idiotic (and many may be) not to design at least some cars that could be driven by 58” tall or 80” tall people. In other words the shortest 5% of women and the tallest 5% of men.
I am close to an average at 59” many women are taller.

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> Bell curves can have a lot of overlap yet if you are looking at the top
> (or bottom) 5% there will be a very large difference in the numbers.
> William A Wenrich

Statistically, if you're looking at the top or bottom 5%, you're not
looking at the majority. By definition.

(Tried replying to pouncer, it bounced)
Although the specific percentile is higher, if you look at the 15-85
percentile range, there's an awful lot of overlap.

If you say "Here's a 5"5' person, based on statistics will they be male or
female?"  you may as well flip a coin as look at statistics.

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