[LMB] OT: Gender Roles , figures

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 14:21:20 BST 2021

On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 3:35 AM Matija Grabnar via Lois-Bujold <
lois-bujold at lists.herald.co.uk> wrote:

> (much snippage)
> If the question was "this person can repeatedly move 40 pound things
> around all day long", determining the sex would be even harder. Which is
> the point we are trying to make you see.

Why yes, I can.
I have.
Particularly when said 40 pound thing decided to not walk anymore.
I had to carry him quite a long way before he agreed to walk.
And then he decided to stop again. Or his brother wanted a turn being
*sigh* lather rinse repeat, over the course of a mile.

I can carry a 70 pound piece-of-meat-with-2-legs up a flight of stairs or
two in a fire-man's carry.  And I haven't done any basic training, fireman
or army style, to help me carry heavier weights.


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