[LMB] OT: Gender Roles

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To my mind, the whole object here is the preservation of masculine 
desire, which is really quite fragile but without which the human race 
is doomed. Feminine desire is calendar based and much more sure.


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>>  On 29/09/2021 21:26, Matthew George wrote:
>>  >   It's also part of why girls outperform boys in modern school
>>  > environments - boys tend to become restless when they're expected to sit
>>  at
>>  > a desk all day.
>I've seen this before, and it's hilarious.
>For years and decades and centuries, Women Can't Go To School because it
>will overheat their precious little brains, and unfit them for the great
>role of Motherhood.   Women who want to go to sit at a desk all day are
>unnatural creatures and should be vilified. Only men can sit in the
>classroom all day without danger.  Women certainly do not deserve to wear
>the formal cap & gown of the student and scholar.
>Then women get into school, legally, en masse. And surprise, they're quite
>good at it.
>Possibly better than the boys.
>Oh wait.
>Boys tend to become restless when they're expected to sit at a desk all
>day!  It's not fair to expect them to perform as well as their feminine
>counterparts.  The poor boy's brain might overheat if he has to sit down
>all day.
>Tra la. Science!
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