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Television came to the bit of rural NZ where I grew up, in the mid 60s when I was around 10. One (1!) black and white channel for 28 hours a week. For various reasons I haven't watched much TV at all for most of my life so now that I am approaching retirement and in need of a bit of entertainment I appreciate the 400 odd channels available plus the practically infinite amount of stuff to stream. Not to mention now having a decent screen and sound system. Sometimes, things work out.

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> The TV show “Disneyland” started in 1954 on ABC.
> It moved to NBC to take advantage of its color technology and was renamed to "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color” from 1961 to 1969, when it was renamed to "The Wonderful World of Disney”.

Ah, right, it would have been Disneyland when I first watched it.  I dimly remember the name changes.  I don’t know when my grandmother first got a color tv, but I remember the NBC peacock’s tail unfurling in black and white.

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