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> It seems like there are more women older than their husbands than popular culture would have it.  

I blame wars removing a large pool of men one’s age or slightly older (5-10 yrs), and men in general seemingly preferring women their own age or somewhat younger.

Somewhere in my late 20s-early 30s, that preference became less pervasive, at least in the US. I dated two younger software engineers before dating & marrying Kurt. I also had too many instances of the guy I dated marrying the next woman he took up with. Depressing, except with my fiancé. I was at an SCA event in his barony, when a woman I’d never met, asked me about him. I said he’d recently become unengaged. A speculative look came over her and she took off towards him. I believe they married, which meant I didn’t have him dragging after me.

However, the first of those two, with whom I remained friends (we just weren’t suited as lovers), later hooked up with a marvelous woman (who was initially worried I might still be interested in him), and we two couples got engaged at either end of the same weekend, buying our engagement rings at 1988 LosCon. They had a larger wedding, with Kurt as the best man, later the next year. They had two kids, are still married, and are Goodreads members.

The next one, some years later, got involved in either or both English Country Dance or Contradance, found a fellow dancer (damn him for overlooking THIS dancer, starved for partners!), and married her.

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