[LMB] OT: giving blood (was Temperature)

Karen A. Wyle kawyle at att.net
Mon Jan 3 15:11:36 GMT 2022

 The last time I tried to give blood was in October 2001. I say "tried" because the technician informed me that my veins were too small -- roughly the size of the needle . . . . That was the first I heard of veins shrinking with age. I've often had trouble with medical blood draws (except when I was pregnant), so I was probably borderline to start with.
Karen A. Wyle    On Monday, January 3, 2022, 09:59:29 AM EST, Sylvia McIvers <sylviamcivers at gmail.com> wrote:  
I donated blood recently, the bruise in my elbow has turned yellow and
started to fade.

A bunch of random strangers saved my life when I nearly died in childbed,
and I feel I ought to pay it forward. I donate at the same hospital, maybe
I will help a relative of someone who helped me.

The earliest I can donate again is Feb 16 - not exactly the hearts for the
holiday :)



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